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Kazuhiro Ijou  ( born in 2001 / 05 /15 ) is Japanese Songwriter, Composer, Musician, and Businessman. 

< Kazuhiro Ijou >

  • Born in – 15 / 05 / 2001 (19)
  • Birthplace – Yokohama 
  • Height – 183cm 
  • Genres – Multiple 
  • Occupation – Composer , Singer , Musician , Sound Designer
  • Instruments – Guitar , Bass Guitar , Vocals
  • Languages – Japanese , English


< Early life >

Kazuhiro Ijou was born in Yokohama-City ,Kanagawa-Prefecture ,Japan on 15 May 2001. 

His career as “ music boy “ started when he was 4 Years old in rythmique lesson class , which was in nearby Yokosuka station. he hated the class Although there was no reason. Consequently, he quit the class in three years. 

Since then , his meeting with music had never happened until he was 9 years old : when he started Piano lesson. However , I don’t know why, He quit the lesson again within a year. Unbelievable ,right?

As he was in Junior high school , he have gradually preferred to listen to ONE OK ROCK , SUPER BEAVER, Martin Garrix , Snoop Dog. 

< Career >

  • 2018-2020

He was in the Band as his club activity in high school as Bassist. 

At that time his band played J-Rock music and he loved to listen to BUMP OF CHICKEN. 

He didn’t make song for a while, but    His friend’s activity made him Singwriter day by day. 

  • 2021~

He started to work as Composer and Songwriter in Chaos forest. 

<  Preference of Music >

He mainly like to listen to R&B, J-Rock , Hiphop. The most recommend Artist in 2020 is Millennium Parade which is held by Daiki Tsuneta from King Gnu. 

< future plans & Messages >

I want to challenge various kinds of things like UX, Web ,Spatial Design ,Programming, Marketing,Fashion,and a activities as an Artist. Through this Community, I’d like to touch lots of new ways of thinking , people and unknown environment. If I became a famous person, I could show this group off. To be so , do my best.